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We revolutionise data analytics in contact sports.

We make contact sports safer for players

and more fun for the fans.


The Challenge

Injuries in professional contact sports are frequent, potentially severe, and costly not just for the players but also for the professional teams.

The revenues loss for professional teams and reputational damage for sport governing bodies due to players injury is huge.



The Solution

We use pose estimation algorithms and validated biomechanical model to generate data visualisations and analytics to inform player management, injury prediction and viewer engagement.

We are unique

We use machine learning to measure forces on players in contact sports from broadcast videos.

We help media, teams and sport leagues with:

  • Creating unique force metrics and visualisations for an immersive and augmented fan experience during each players contact
  • Practical and accurate measurement of player performance and biomechanical load during the game
  • Predicting players' injury risk and injury outcome in real-time only from videos of games and training
We are a spinout company from the University of Bath
Our work has been funded by sport governing bodies
We are Silicon Gorge 2023 Winners


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